October 11-13, 2013




"Fabric Collage Workshop"


“In this class students will learn the technique of fabric collage using Susan Carlson’s approach to fabric collage. This class will give specific directions and tips for working with color values as well as creating “eyes” that will either make or break your portrait project. Students will also learn how to blend their colors to create shadows and lines within the pattern. The class requires “Serendipity Quilts” by Susan Carlson. You have a choice of selecting either the sun portrait or moon portrait. Start saving tons of fabric scraps!!

Pamela Klein
"Bead Embroidery for Quilters"

Learn how to embellish your beautiful quilted designs with fundamental and advanced bead embroidery techniques!  Using a small (about 12" x 12") quilted piece as your project base, this class will walk you through all the basics and into more advanced skills.  When your workshop is over, you'll have a lovely finished piece that you can use as a wall hanging or as part of a larger project.

There will be a thorough discussion covering materials available, planning your design, making choices, and other crucial considerations to make your bead embroidery easier and more fun!  We'll incorporate at least one fully beaded applique into our piece in order to practice high-density beadwork and understand its challenges.  We will finish with beaded fringing techniques and edging possibilities.  An extensive selection of beads in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes will be available as your palette and each finished piece will become a unique expression of the individual student!

Sandra Poteet and Cathy Stone
"Introduction to Art Elements & Design Principles (Art 101)"

Join Sandy Poteet and Cathy Stone for a journey into the world of art elements and design principles, the building blocks of successful art.  This class introduces the basic artist tools and rules you need to make your quilts better than ever before.  We will cover the elements of line/mark, shape, texture, space, value and color, as well as the design principles of balance, movement/rhythm, unity and variety, emphasis and focal point.  And we will include lots of hands-on exercises to help make these concepts come alive for you. Join us for a fun and educational weekend that could change the future of your quilting!